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Although drug addiction is a serious concern, a decisive definition of drug hasn't been coined yet. As per medical terminology, addictive drugs are stuffs for which the taker feels an irresistible craving and which are consumed for purposes other than medical.

Addicts find it very difficult to quit their addiction. The level of difficulty varies from one type of drug to another type. Drugs like methadone and heroin are deadliest in terms of the damage they cause and the degree of addiction, they induce the taker into. The less severe ones are marijuana, LSD and anabolic steroid etc. Those substances also cause harm but not to that huge extent.

But damages on the body and the mind are not the only indicator of how harmful is the drug. It's the severity of the addiction, which should also be kept in consideration. For example, people addicted to cannabis, take it almost on a regular basis and such heavy intake could result in damage of lungs. Even six to eight dosages of cannabis aren't that lethal to body, but they begin making the taker addicted and addiction drives him to more intakes.
 Henceforth, the common perspective to drug is not inclusive and not scientific enough either. So, expert's opinion is highly required if one is trying to reduce dependency on drug. That's the reason, drug rehab centers are becoming so important for drug addicts. In those centers, they not only find cure, but also the assurance that they'd be treated with utmost care. Rehab centers offer treatments for drug, alcohol and nicotine addictions. Even though all are harmful to body, drug is probably the most menacing, because it is way more difficult to stay away from than nicotine or alcohol.

The scientific treatment of drug is based on a systematic process. The process maps the ratio of physical harm and dependence. A corresponding chart, which showcases this ratio, has heroin, cocaine and methadone occupying the highest positions. It means these substances are most dangerous both in terms of dependency and physical damage. That's why, drug rehab methods to diminish craving for these substances are quite rigorous. These methods include detoxification, inpatient treatment, counseling patients etc. Amongst these methods, detoxification is perhaps the most important. Actually, the ones who have been taking drugs for a long time get totally addicted into it. Their brains keep on yearning for drugs. Counseling doesn't help much in these situations. The addicts rather need complete detoxification treatment coupled with medical assistance.

Detoxification process could take two to three weeks. The process doesn't cure addiction, but wean off the degree of addiction. As a result, the addicted person's demand for drug started to reduce. If detoxification is supported by proper medical assistance, then undergoing the withdrawal would be easier for the addict. Counseling also provides help to drug addicts, as they could regain the lost confidence within themselves.

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