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After undergoing the tension and trauma of a major treatment, to get back into mainstream of life is a vital issue. Particularly, after treatments for alcoholism and drug addictions. WHO recognizes dependency on alcohol and drugs (mind altering chemicals) as a disease. But many are not aware that this disease and still treat it as a social stigma/taboo. There is a thin line separating using and abusing of drugs. Very few unfortunates cross this limit and fall prey to a progressive addiction, at the cost of their mental, physical and financial well being.  The first phase of treatment at drug rehab KY consists of removing the physical dependency. It is called detoxification treatment. In this process, traces of drug if any, after forcibly stopping its use, if still found in blood, is removed through intravenous medications. The patients exhibit, sometimes, violent withdrawal symptoms. In these situations patients are administered tranquilizers and made to sleep and rest. Over long period of drug abuse, patients lose appetite and have relative digestive problems. Drug rehab KY administers proper medication to restore normal appetite and revive proper eating habits.
Most drug addicts are loners and are off socializing and cut off from society. They develop a different mind set. Craving always for an artificial high, which only drug can give? They are not mentally prepared to face life, in absence of a high. After restoring physical normalcy, gradually drug rehab KY introduces the patients to interaction with inmates and other members of society. It requires individual psychological counseling as well as in groups. Scientifically designed by drug rehab KY, individual and group sessions, gradually, imparts a training to get them back into mainstream of society. Nowhere can such individual or group therapies can be found other than at drug rehab KY.   Once out of the drug rehab KY center, patients are given a follow up program. They have to be in constant touch with the center, to monitor their recovery. Lots of advices/suggestions are given as to how to avoid slippery grounds in the outside world, whom to meet and whom to avoid. It is in interactions, with a past co addict, that one slips back into treacherous habit. People on the recovery and who have completely recovered, get together, periodically, to share their day to day experience, in groups, and offer support to each other, with their experience, strength and hope. Their links, never advertised anywhere, can be got at the drug rehab KY.

The drug addiction also affects the family members. They are the people directly affected by the tantrums created by the addict. The family suffers too mentally, physically, psychologically and financially. Their cooperation is also enlisted by the drug rehab KY, in straightening out the addict, during treatment and thereafter in the rehabilitation. The drug rehab KY center educates the family members, on the disease aspects of addiction and helps build in them, better understanding and tolerance towards past irrational behavior of the addict. The drug rehab KY center, treats addiction, reunites the addict with his family and society. An unimaginable feat, before the addict was admitted into the rehab center.  drug rehab center Kentucky drug rehab KY.

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